Legislative and Convention News

With the runoffs and State convention behind us, we’ll now focus on the general election in November. It’s critical that you get behind your Republican representative to help send a strong message to the rest of America that we’re tired of open boarders, high cost of living, and the judicial prosecution of conservatives.

Below are some of the results of key runoff races and our newly elected members to serve as our State Republican Party representatives. The State GOP winners were elected by delegates at our State convention and will serve for 2 years.  

Runoff Winners

  • State Board of Education District 10 – Tom Maynard (I)
  • County Commissioner Precinct 1 – Doug Leecock
  • U.S. House District 23 – Tony Gonzales (I) (won by 354 votes)
  • U.S. House District 35 – Steven Wright (won by 4 votes!!!!)
  • Texas House District 21 – Dade Phelan (I) (won by 389 votes)
  • Texas House District 44 – Alan Schoolcraft

State GOP Winners

  • State RPT Chair – Abraham George
  • State RPT Vice Chair – D’rinda Randall
  • SREC SD25 – Michael Wheeler
  • SREC SD25 – Lucy Trainor

Remember, we’re looking to beat our previous general election numbers this November. Together we can send a strong message to anyone that thinks they can attempt to turn Texas into a swing state to think twice. If Comal County falls, Texas falls. We are the strong RED LINE!

Upcoming Election Dates
November 5, 2024 – General Election Date              

  • Last day to register to vote – October 7, 2024                   
  • First day of early voting – October 21, 2024                      
  • Last day of early voting – November 1, 2024

Thank you,

Matthew Okerson