A woman with white hair and red lipstick.

Anita Valdez


A woman with red shirt and pearls smiling for the camera.

Susan Narvaiz

Immediate Past President

A woman in pink shirt smiling for the camera.

Ruth Chambers

1st Vice President

A woman with red hair and a smile.

Vikki Sheppard

2nd Vice President

A man in a suit and purple shirt

Matthew Okerson

3rd Vice President
Campaign and Legislative Activities

A woman wearing glasses and a hat.

Kathie Walser

4th Vice President
Public Relations

A man with white hair and glasses in front of a wooden wall.

Steve Sheppard

PAC Treasurer

A woman with white hair and glasses is smiling.

Kelly Sime

Recording Secretary

A man in a red shirt is posing for the camera.

Jeff Jerome

Sergeant at Arms

A woman with short hair smiles for the camera.

LaFawn Thompson


A woman with short hair and blue eyes.

Cheri Nunn

Hospitality Chair

A woman in red jacket and glasses.

Isabel Ibarra

Community Outreach Chair

A woman with brown hair and wearing pearls.

Rhonda Torres

Communications Chair

A woman with short hair and wearing a blue shirt.

Bonnie Walchak



Anita Valdez[email protected]
Vikki Sheppard[email protected]
Ruth Chambers[email protected]
Kathie Walser[email protected]
Steve Sheppard[email protected]
Rhonda Torres[email protected]

Comal County Party Leadership