Anita Valdez

A woman with white hair and red lipstick.
Anita Valdez

It was an honor to serve as NBC President for 2022 and 2023. Moving forward, I vow to continue the fight to keep Texas Texas and to inspire patriots to action. I will continue my roles as Precinct Chair 107, Election Judge, and Voter Registrar. I feel that serving the community and making a difference is exceptionally rewarding.

I am a native of Los Angeles, California, and married to the love of my life, Emanuel Valdez. Emanuel is a Native Texan and retired 30-year Combat Veteran of the US Army. Realizing that California was untenable to live in any longer, we made the big decision to move to Texas seeking freedom and liberty. After selling my Florist and our house we headed to New Braunfels with our cats, firearms and grandma’s china. We arrived the day President Trump won the 2016 election!! My full-time job is to keep Texas RED and I am forever grateful to the tremendous mentors and friends who I credit for everything I have embarked upon.

When I am not serving, you can find me cruisin’ in my ’59 Cadillac, taking in rockabilly music at the local dance hall and swing dancing with my hubby. I believe balance is the key to a happy life and that God, family and friends are first.

Faithfully yours,

Anita Valdez